Travelling to Freycinet

Holidays run smoothly when you are able to plan ahead, let us help you with some travel information to get you ready for travelling to Freycinet.

There are no car hire services in Coles Bay, so you will need to organise a vehicle in one of the larger centres such as Hobart, Launceston, or Devonport.

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Travelling to Freycinet via bus:

Tassie Link
Calows Coaches

From Hobart to Coles Bay turn off:

From Hobart, drive over the Tasman Bridge, which is the start of the Tasman Highway (A3), making sure you are in the lane signposting to Sorrell.

Follow the highway past the airport, through midway point and turn left when you reach the traffic lights at Sorrell.

From here you just follow the road. You will travel through Orielton, Buckland, Orford, Triabunna, (to name a few). Swansea will be the last township you pass through. Appoximately 33 km’s after Swansea you will come to a right hand turn which is the Coles Bay turnoff.

Along the way…. Orford is a nice place to pause, there is a bakery and Pizza shop (Scorchers), both do coffee and cake. Kates Berry Farm, just before you reach Swansea, is also definitely worth a mention!

From Launceston to Coles Bay turn off.

For a “quick” trip (approx. 2 – 2.5 hours): Head south on the A1 until you reach Campbell Town, drive almost all the way through and you will see a large sign on the left hand side announcing a turn for Lake Leake and Swansea.

Drive across Lake Leake and you will come to the A3 in just under 60km.

Turn left again and follow the road, in a little less that 25 km you will come to the Coles Bay turnoff on the right hand side of the road.

Along the way…… Campbell Town this is a good place to stop for a snack or breather if you need one. “Burger Me” is one of our favorite stops as they happily cater for gluten free diets. “Zeps” does great pizza, pasta, focaccia’s and is great for coffee, and cake.

The scenic route (at least an hour longer):

Again from the A1, you will turn left at the Conarra Junction onto the A4.

Follow the road through Avoca and Fingal until you reach St Mary’s, at which point, turn right onto the road signposted to Elephant Pass and Bicheno.

The road is very windy and quite narrow in spots, but very pretty. You will eventually come to “Chain of Lagoons”, at which point you turn right heading into Bicheno.

You are on the A3 now and from Bicheno, the Coles Bay turnoff is just another 11km south.

Along the way……. At the top of Elephant Pass is a pancake parlor which is quaint and entertaining if you’d like to stop for a snack and a stretch)