Tasmania – Food, glorious food!

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Tasmania is world-renowned for it’s fresh air, clean water, nutrient rich soil and tasty produce. It would be unseemly to offer anything for lunch other than a delicious sampling of some Tasmanian tastiness!

We stop for lunch at Wineglass Bay, turning the motors off so that you can truly appreciate the quiet stillness of our picturesque destination. Tasmanian juices, soft drinks, wine and beer can be purchased at the bar to enjoy while you munch on our freshly prepared lunch. During the cooler months, lunch (image) is sure to keep you warm with pies from Tasmanian Bakeries prepared onboard to compliment Tasmanian cheeses, seasonal salad, fruit and sweet slices.

During the summer months, we switch the contents to deli meats, salad, cheese with a fresh bread roll; dried fruit and a chocolate treat.  Contents may vary from time to time, based on availability, but we are proudly determined to support our local producers.  Lunches are served in fully compostable BioPak trays made from sugar cane pulp, cutlery is also compostable and biodegradable.

Please don’t worry if you are a vegetarian, we have an option for you as well, just let us know when you book. We can also cater for you if you need a gluten free meal.

The following are a list of some of our suppliers for you to peruse, just click on the links if you’d like some more information.

Cheeses are from King Island Diary and Ashgrove

Deli Meats from Pandini

Osyters (in the Sky Lounge) from Freycinet Marine Farm

Bars are stocked by Springvale Wines, The Bend, Milton Vineyard, Gala Estate, Hartz, Spreyton, Gillespies Ginger Beer, Boags, Cascade and Ironhouse.