East Australian Current – EAC “Dude”

Every now and then, when talking about the East Australian Current, (EAC), one of our crew may inadvertently follow the word “E.A.C.”, with the word “Dude”, in a Californian surfer accent, (so more like “Duuuuude”).

We thought we should apologise for this occasional twitch and explain it’s origins, for those who may not have seen the movie “Finding Nemo”, or have an affinity for surfing turtles.

In the film, the East Australian Current is depicted as a kind of super highway that the fish hop in and out of while touring down the eastern side of Australia.

Turns out, although there is a hefty dose of poetic licence applied, the movie isn’t really that far from the truth.  The E.A.C. is 100km wide, 1.5km deep and travels at speeds of up to 7km per hour.  We don’t see turtles, sadly, but in recent years, warmer waters have strengthened the current bringing a larger variety of sea life to our waters.

Re-introducing Crush…… “You’re ridin’ it dude, check it out!”

You can find more info here, and here, and here.