Common dolphin

Common Dolphin Freycinet Coast

Delphinus Delphis


  • There are 2 species of commons. The long-beaked and the short beaked. The long-beaked, as it’s name suggests, has a longer beak and is more muted in colour. The short-beaked has a more rounded or ‘melon’ shaped face.
  • Males: measuring up to 2.3m and can weigh up to 200kg
  • Females: measuring up to 1.9m and weighing less than males
  • Oldest recorded common dolphin was 22 years old
  • Diet varies by region and season but fish, squid and octopus make up the majority of the diet.


  • Common Dolphins breed in summer months
  • Gestation period is between 10-11 months and a single calf is born
  • Calves are born tail first at approx 90cm and weigh up to 10kg
  • Calves begin to eat solid food at 6 months & are fully weaned at 1 ½ years
  • Calves are incorporated in to nursery group where they will swim in the middle protected by the parents