Cape Tourville Lighthouse

Cape Tourville Lighthouse, FreycinetCape Tourville Lighthouse is just a short distance past Wineglass Bay, depending on the day, we will sometimes meander to take a peek at The Nuggets which are located just below.

The lighthouse was constructed in 1971 and replaced the Cape Forestier Lighthouse, which was completely inaccessible and decommissioned once the Cape Tourville Lighthouse was operational. Cape Tourville is an unmanned lighthouse.

The walk around the lighthouse is only 600 meters long, and while there is a slight slope, it is very accessible and wheelchair friendly. And the views are spectacular. Looking north from the walkway, you will see the Nuggets below, and rocky headlands leading towards Friendly Beaches.

Looking south, closest to the lighthouse are Carp Bay and Sleepy Bay, separated by a magnificent granite point. Past that, you will glimpse into Wineglass Bay itself, with Mount Graham and Mount Freycinet offering a dramatic backdrop. Still further south, the coast runs to Cape Forestier, (the site of the original lighthouse) as well as Lemon Rock, all of which make up the stunning scenery we cruise past daily.
Cape Tourville Lighthouse, FreycinetThe Cape Tourville Lighthouse walk only takes a few minutes to complete, but you will want to spend longer up there soaking in the view and the salt air. If you can make it for sunrise, it is especially stupendous. The waters below form the path that Humpback and Southern Right Whales use to migrate, so do keep your eyes peeled for wildlife. On a quiet day, you may also hear the seals barking below on The Nuggets.   If you only have time or ability to do 1 short walk in Freycinet, this is the one.

Photo Credit Puddlehub